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Reviews for "Stabika ep.1 Escape"


Definitely enjoyed playing this more than just watching the beta. Still seemed well put together, but the voice at the end was really quite, and a little hard to understand but hey cant wait for the second one that has survival mode im assuming...

-you should know who this is.

TheMillz responds:

I know who now. ;) Thanks for reviewing!


A little different to wat im used too but i found it a fun game it had great graphics. I thought it deserved a 5.

TheMillz responds:

Thanks alot man, glad you found it worth the hype, the seconed one is coming along fine, hopefully you will be even more pleased! :D

aw, sweet dude!!!

i totally love the game, maybe speed up the sequences between the actuall interface. but otherwise, smooth running, and otherwise really fun.

TheMillz responds:

Hey thanks J man, I was hopeing you'd like it. I've been working on ep. 2 and it's nearly done, just some more bells 'n wistles to throw together. Just had a system crash >.< Damn those suck. Thanks again! And hey man if you could suggest this for action games collections, you will be like the highest of the regaurded priest of the Swiss Alps, serious. :D ( that's good )


I got to make more of these games, or maybe a series out of this one.
the animation, sound and specialy the bullet-time part...just awsome.
And I loved that mortal kombat sound efect in the final battle.
keep it up.

TheMillz responds:

Well you'll be glad to know that yes, it is part of a series, and part 2 has a majority of core gameplay finished, plus a bonus we've been working on for months I'm sure you'll all enjoy. :D

this is pretty cool

i like the idea, its shweet

TheMillz responds:

Thanks for the high score. If you really like it so much, could ya take a seconed to suggest it for action games catagory? It would mean a great deal to us, really! :D