Reviews for "College University pt 4-2"

The best part was the ton-ton joke. I wouldn't think an animal would be warm on the inside. That guy never was a popular character anyway. Hmm, the elf said sixty years but from 1952, it would be only fifty. Oh well, maybe it was ten years before that. I thought the real Santa was Kung Fu Karl dressed as him.

Well, I also thought he was the narrator. Dang, it's been a lot time since I've seen that fish. Well, I don't really miss it. It was nice to show how everyone was at the end of the cartoon. It was surprisingly heartwarming.

re: Door of death

Portal of death..... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D


Another great episode, this time in a little colder climates than the usual, heh, same hillarious ideas as always. And great animation, great graphics. Looking forward to many more ofthese episodes! Keep up the good work!



+ loved the elvis fish, I remember someone in my family getting one for Christmas like 7 years ago!

- Santa's Workshop's front door was open when you showed you outside (once zooming in, and once zooming out) but when viewed from the inside that door was closed. :P


u keep getting funiyer too a.commander