Reviews for "College University pt 4-2"

Very Good.

HaHa. The second part of Episode 4 was way better then the first. The jokes were a lot funnier and carried on more. Very nice drawings and voices of course.



I love this series, and this is my favorite episode so far. The whole taun-taun scene had me in stitches!

Similar to Part 1.

This bit was similar to 4-1, and not just that it's the second part.
Seemed lacking in real funny material, and appeared short as well.
Kind of disappointing after the geniusness of episode three, you set your standards way too high I guess.
Given the end of part one, there could have been a lot more funny conclusions to this. As I said for 4-1, it's still good, just not as good as previous CU episodes.


ya this one was
really funny. the funniest one yet. the funniest part was when the elves were trapped for 60 years and never tried the screen door lol. that was really funny. im gonna watch the rest of the episodes later. if ur reading this u should watch the animation.

Pretty funny show!

College University is a good sitcom on Newgrounds. It ranks up there with 3South, Undergrads and Mission Hill. I already seen 4 episodes of CU. After this review, I'll see the rest of them and review those as well.