Reviews for "College University pt 4-2"

Why must people copy family guy

the part where he cuts open the lama thing and the dude goes in side was so family guy-road to europe, but other then that it was good keep it up just get your own ideads whiel doing it.

X-mas show kicks

More Gorp! More Gorp! More Gorp! More Gorp! I think I know who my favorite character is. Guess who? Anyways you guys are doing an excellent job. The spontaneous humor is what drives this. Just as long as it doesn't get ridiculous like that Andy Show on MTV. They've totally lost it with that show by the way. Anyways lets go back to campus and check out the chicks!!!

Great Funny !

it wassnt the Best one but pretty funny Stuff,, Love the Star Wars Parody !

Another Great One!

I love this! I agree with the reviewer before me that this should be on tv. I am quite sure if you pitched this to a tv channel they would jump at the chance to buy it. Please dont stop making these. I am an addict.

One of my favorites.

I love CU. You should putt this on TV. It feels good to have something orginal on Newgrounds. I hope you don't stop making this series.

P.S. Is any of the characters based off you guys or your friends?