Reviews for "College University pt 4-2"

you just keep giting funnyer

god i need sumthing new to say

This is for the whole series not this episode

The concept is a little to over played but obviously it showing success. Its a little to much of an attempt at family guy and van wilder to be considered ground breaking or original try a little character development instead and cut down a little on the outrageous characters, in other words keep the monkeys and bigfoot lose the alien. Also you shouldn't need to put the character bios up on the loading screen to tell who the character is. have your storylines, character development, and character interaction do that for you. The technical aspects though are above you probably in the top 10% when it comes to animation and sound for a seris. If you do some polishing on the storylines; it has a great potiental but alais the random jokes can only take you so far.

Continues to satisfy

Well this series is breaking all new grounds for me. First time I have seen so many epps of a series and not gotten bored. Kudos to you.

yay its shiney tree day! lol!

LOL keep 'em coming!

Yay, christmas episode

At least you kept the home icon at the end instead of in the middle of the flash. This flash was definitely great. The star WArs reference was a nice add-in primarily since we didn't really see them after that. It felt like most of the emphasis was on the workshop, but that was alright. I like how they kept talkign in circles abotu the screen door. I've noticed that there are times where the sound skips a bit though and goes ahead of the animation.