Reviews for "College University pt 4-2"

man gorp should've probed that kid

that would've been the funniest shit ever

Ep 4: Snowshowers, Star Wars, and one cold BJ

TAUN TAUN!!! Excellence.

Okay, you found a way to top SOME of the Optimus Prime scenes from 3-1, 3-3, and 4-1... Empire Strikes Back meets College U. Awww yeah.

Santa's Sweatshop kinda depresses me, but depression-causing can be an artform. Yes.... so anyway... Santa as a redneck hunter is the height (or is that depth) of the moment.

And so... Shiny Tree Day comes to a close and gets wrapped up... the sketches during the final epilogue/voiceover look great, BTW. An entire animation using that visual style would be awesome.

GREAT JOB. Your Best One Yet.

The Cameo Of the Taun Taun Was Hilarious.



That was the funniest Star Wars spoof!

Will you ever cease making funny flashes? Probably not...Great work man!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.