Reviews for "Pose Practice 01 (Leona's Wakeup Call)"

Sweet :3

Love it! I just like your colored art a bit more.

looking at this very beautiful picture made me remind the song Rude (Magic)

Something with a T rating!!! That doesn't happen often with you, Fate :P

So yeah, besides the leg that was already mentioned, all I think that maybe her left elbow could have been a little higher... maybe, I'm no drawing or anatomy genius...

Besides that, nice piece, has always. There's a certain charm in the greyscale... dunno if it's my love for old school black and white, but hey, looks great ^^

her right leg on the right image is too short (being stretched out and still only slightly longer than her left leg), other than that good work

Fatelogic responds:

Yeap. Noticed that slight messup after posting. Well, that's what pose practice is for... Foreshortening is a bitch I've yet to tame fully.