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Reviews for "PacVan"

Eh...not bad.

Well, it's not exactly a bad game, but it really isn't good either. The concept is decent enough, but gameplay seems flawed. Example, touching the side of a walla will cause your character to 'die'? That seems a bit...odd. Good graphics and music though, props on that. Just work on the overall gameplay and your set on a nice platformer game.

Nothing New

Very simple, too much. You should change gravity becaus it can be sometimes hard to control. Try adding something new, or at least, something like "enemies" to avoid.

Meh, 5/10

Not bad, but not the best game I've ever played here either. For some reason it kinda reminded me of the old Mario games on the NES.

I must say, it sucks that if you run into the side of anything (blocks, walls, etcetera) you 'die.' Beyond that, there's nothing specifically unique about this piece.


This game was soo cool!

I wasn't expecting much when I opened the game, then I saw the menu and I'm like... COOL!

I got #1 score of all time on the 2nd level. I was pretty excited about that.

Great Game man!

it's ok..

the jumping seemed kind of off, the game isn't bad, just kind of boring. maybe enemies or a time limit system like super mario without having to be forced to move on