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Reviews for "PacVan"

Not bad.

That graphics were excellent, and all the action scripting seemed good. Overall it was a pretty average game.

It wasn't very good.

The menus were nice and stuff, good music, good graphics, but it just wasn't fun. There was no point, no motivation! And the physics engine, it wasn't very good. It's a good concept, but it needs to be greatly improved.

Not bad..

The design of the game was good, menu etc.
Sound was pretty darn excellent.
But the gameplay was what bothered me. I just didn't enjoy it. This is the most crusual part of a game, and I didn't think it was any good.
The graphics, sound and design were all good.
Just need a different concept.
Add monsters or something.. who needs to be original?

Not half bad

A pretty good game. There were only a couple of flaws. The gravity function I don't really mind being flawed because it helps the gameplay but I thought it was dumb that if you walk as slow as possible into a wall you just always die. It also needed more levels and maybe some sort of level beating system where you have to get a certain amount of parcels to beat a level.

Decent Game

Needs a fix on the gravity function (humans don't accelerate in mid-air). Good for killing time, but nothing more.