Reviews for "Blamformers!"


great job on the flash guys loved it.

Also a big congrats on the improved site you did a fantastic job!

Pretty funny

Some where just not good. The good ones where really good though. Good job!


Some really excellent artists in there, this is a very comical collab.

Well done guys!

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HAHA awesome stuff

Funny crud man. I watched the movie and have been a long time fan so that was nice. There was a nice amount (maybe tad much). Cool collab as far as a collab can go (8 = pretty high for a collab). one more thing before I go...Tom! whats up yours was like the worst looking one... (still way better than my flashes looked)



great stuff you've got going on, I'm glad to see this submitted tonight! 'grats everyone!

btw, the flippy thing in the middle of each sub was good, but it got kinda repetitive.