Reviews for "Blamformers!"

Not Bad!

The loading time was a little long but after seeing the show it's worth it, very funny keep it up.


Wow that was some interesting stuff, I had tears in my eyes laughing so hard to some of it, though not the smartest thing to watch with lack of sleep at 4am XD The last clip was my favorite of them all.

Some were a bit childish

If I averaged the scores it'd be about a 4/10 but there was alot of work put into this all together and the ones that were great made it worth while. Favorites are:
Weirdo, Wonchop, Monny, Bobert-robe "maybe one of us will bounce", and Stamper's (just the toast parts -.-)


This is Just Really Funny I want to see more Blamformers soon.


Cant locate the funny. Too much stupid/shit/piss-humour that doesnt appeal at all.
4 stars from 10.