Reviews for "Blamformers!"

Stamper, Mind Chamber, and Dan were my favorites

Really funny stuff. Thanks. Love how this has various generations. I only gave 3.5 stars because the audio is a bit off. The music was louder than the voices. I had to turn the volume nob a few times to be able to hear the voices and turn it down when the music parts are on. Very inconvenient.

lol all of the artists did a great job:)

This is brilliant! And some of these are strangely prophetic, like the animators knew that Michael Bay would stoop to new lows in the sequels. Speaking of, this has a lot more Bot porn than I'm comfortable with...

Loved Stamper's loved the one with the horny little fuck in the shower, enjoyed Prime incinerating Shia LeBeouf. The rest, meh.