Reviews for "Blamformers!"

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First off, that thing with the NG logo in the startup? Epic. You get points for just that!!

Secondly, YAY WONCHOP!! More points!

YoinK used the "it's alive" quote from Mel Brooks' movie, "Young Frankenstein"! Bonus points!!

...that said, I'm not terribly happy with most of it. particularly the last half. Gratuitous robot smut is really unnecessary. And really. That last one made no sense!! Robots don't have sex(to my knowledge) and they certainly don't have fleshy-looking genitalia!! WTF is with that??? I watch Robot Chicken, so I have no problem with bathroom humor + robots. But that's just taking it too far. Not only was it not funny, but it's disgusting. Big negative points there.

I think a 4/10 for this, and that's being generous because of the 3 cool things. Mostly the NG logo. Sorry guys.

So it IS true!

The transformers DO listen to dubstep!


doesnt really make any sense but thats one of the many things i like about it!


am i the only 1 who enjoyed this


wasn't funny.