Reviews for "ARGHHHTOR"


The only way this needs to be improved is that you could add some color. 5/5


i love how his friend dies and he only says "arghh my cardigan!!"

"someeonee put creeammmedd corn in mah iv driiiiip...ughhhhhhhh"

lol anyways....great job i thought this was hilarious!! I looove all of ur animations 10/10 5/5. =D


funy but i dont know why i get the weird feeling there something deeper to it
humm maybe insanity


i liked the way you used the drawings and putting the hand in it was great but after watching a few of these im getting the idea that you have have a thing for making something depressing funny. great work but you might want to make something like this again because the voice acting added a bit more humor to it. and in some of your flashs, they need humor to make them less grim. 10/10 for this work here, A+

it was funny!!!!

i loved it it was very funny