Reviews for "ARGHHHTOR"


Now hands scare me. Even my own...AAAAAAAAAAAH! THEY'RE LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!
One thing you could have done: Make something to fight it: A giant foot

Poop in his slipper lol

i watched this a long time a go i just wasnt a member, GR8 flash so funny great art

Loved it.

Perfect, if u wanted u could make it longer, but it doesn't need to be.

It was fun,

Personally, I liked the hand; I don't know what else would have worked there, now that I think on it. The shot with the fighter jets was really nice, very well drawn. I mean, all of it was well drawn, but still. Some of the backgrounds were so chaotic that it was difficult to focus on what the people/monster were doing, though. But that's all part of the style, I guess. And the voice acting wasn't too shabby, either. Good job overall.


I give it 8/10 because you didnt put in colour but, i liked what you did.

You put trogdor the burninator and godzilla togethor.

couldnt you have put in something other then a hand?

If you fix it with colour and not a hand like half godzilla half trogdor id make it 10/10.