Reviews for "The Super Tutorial"

i love it O.O

i freaggin love it so much! it makes me want to do flash again =P
really like it... there is a bug in the bouncing ball when you click menu the line in still attached to the mouse... probably want to fix that? but anyway VERY nice submission i'll be visiting this tutorial many times =P

keep it up!

Girdf responds:


i fixed it

Very nice

I learned a few things =D


Wow,100 tuts :)
BUT MAKE A "secrity game" longer!Add how to get next lvl,i trying with TestHit but it does'nt work ;/
help plz

Girdf responds:

i just submitted the super duper tutorial

check it out

meh AAARghness.

AAARGH!!!!! Every time I paste a code, it says
1087: Syntax error: extra characters found after end of program.
and when i delete these characters, it says the functions are undefined or something?????/ Please help!!!!
Thanks for the tuts but they don't work for me.

Girdf responds:

thats weird are you using cs3?


best tutorial on ng, thx man, now i can finaly get the damn camera :D lol