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Reviews for "Transmigration"

Graphics were amazing

like i said, Graphics were amazing. reallly good. but the gameplay was severely lacking. develope more gameplay and it'll be great


I don't have a clue what the heck I just played, but it was really pretty and I loved it whatever it was.

I really liked it but...

After I figured out to could actually shoot there is really was no way to get hit. Is there a certain way you fire (ex. with timing) to get extra points or what? Maybe a tutorial would help. I think you need to work on the game aspect a bit, but everything else was awesome, keep up the good work.


i dunno what to say....
awesome graphics!
i've never seen a game like this one!!
keep up that awesome work!

Shape shifting robot

made it more challenging when he changed shape cause sometimes you got really big and it was hard to avoid the floating mines.