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Reviews for "Transmigration"

Wouldnt call it a game...

But more of an interactive movie / art :)

Really awesome, but maybe a bit too easy (keep spamming spacebar and you wont get hit). Love the animation, and the part where you're multiple beings (fish, pidgeons), feels quite, how to say, experimental.

Again, awesome work, faved!

I love this :D

Really excellent. Great idea, very well excecuted. Solid coding and animation made this really fun for me... The only problems I had with it were that there were only mines, the same kind through the whole game. Soemv ariety there would've been nice. Also, the bullets you fire are kindof ugly, and didn't seem to fit at all with the syle of the game. But altogether, this game is really great. I'd make things like this, if I posessed the knowledge :) Fave'd.

I liked it quite a bit.

I haven't seen a game like this before. It uses the same concept of a bunch of other shooter games. But this one was made differently. Instead of side to side , or down to up shooters, this was different.

The game was fun to play, and the music fit in with it. I think this should of got on the front.


This isn't so much of a game as it is an interactive movie.

Don't get me wrong, the graphics are great, and this music is some of the best I've heard during Rock Out, but there's no definite goal, no difficulty, no real interactivity, and there's an abrupt, white screen ending!

It's a good effort, but it needs to be more of a... game!


This is a musical masterpiece! The game itself could involve a little more input from the player than spacebar mashing, but who cares? The journey is fantastic, and it fits with Paragon's music so well! I'm giving this one all my 5, a rare occurence indeed. You deserve every woot.