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Reviews for "Transmigration"


Fantastic take on another great work from paragonx9, great rhythm, fatastic animation, creative player characters. What is there not to like about this? It was an optical, as well as audial feast for the senses. Loved the final message of 'love is life,' please cotinue to produce such great works as this, you are truly a great flash animator. This was a newgrounds diamond among far too much coal.

keep on truckin' -wilbme

Some serious surrealism

Now, that was a most pleasing experience. You created a fine piece of art here. Nothing else to say about it.


OMFG Greatest game ever created it was soooo easy :)

Seriously nicely done


beautiful! i love the concept, and its a well put together game, simple and to the point. it is a tiny bit on the short side, i might sugest a little bit of a story line. and a nifty thing to add would be a score counter, and maybe even a different looking projectile for each critter. id like to see more like these, good work.


I have to say, I'm submitting my rock out game as we speak and even though how much I hope to win, I cannot match this game. The graphics are awesome and it's really fun to play. And to top it all, the music is by paragonX9 which is really cool as well.

I'm pretty sure you have a prize right there. You really enjoyed me with this game.