Reviews for "Dunce Dunce Revolution"

ohhhh you cant be stan (satan)

i dont see how its so bad i think its goo and it has cool songs

I hated it, honestly.

Not to sound like a jackass.
The music was bad. The animals, ehhh. Whatever. The arrow keys were placed weirdly and made the game difficult and irritating. Typically they're placed, <^V>
You know what I mean? Its a lot easier. But thats just how I'm used to it.
Overall I just felt it was bad, what else can I say?


Oh, God. Now I'm scarred for life.

Sorry man

As a both a fan of DDR and RAB I am disappointed, they didnt even dance with beat, music was blah, and no retarded humor WTF?

Only one word can describe this peace of @*@#

What were you thinking seriously who made you do this the rab are super cool but this... this IS HORRIBLE! AGH il leave it at that 0.0