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Reviews for "Dunce Dunce Revolution"


omg! why were there no sean connery jokes or references to titties?? and why the heck cant i make bunny die?? eh, i enjoyed it. lol.... the only thing i really would have wanted was a new episode when you "win"

Decent enough I guess

It's kinda funny to see the raunchy and hillarious RAB gang in an E-rated DDR style game. It's pretty good, thugh level 2,3 and 4 are way harder than 5

this is not like the real DDR

the music s fast even if u dont press anything u still win. dats weird

Graphics nice, gameplay not.

The charts weren't very in time with the music, and it should be left down up right.
The characters make silly noises lol. I love RAB though

Didn't like it.

I didn't like it. The graphics is very nice, but it's too stupid for me to replay the game. You should've added an option to disable the annoying sound the animals make. 3/10, 1/5, sorry.