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Reviews for "Dunce Dunce Revolution"

its a good game

why not make ontoher one? a fighting one? where u acn be satin rabbit ect?
and each guy as an advantage and disadvantage? like
since rabbit allways dies he knows how to . . .die less so he has more helth then other charictars or something. i dont know >_<
the thing is though u should make another one. 5/5


Sync the songs properly if you're gonna have tight timing windows.


The concept was good here, but the game just seems to be lacking. The levels are way too easy, songs too short. The animation is ok. The sound quality is poor, and the sound Efx are boring and repetitive.


Freakishly awesometastic. I was lagging a little on level 5 though... Oh well.

oh my god

so fuckin awesome! funny too.