Reviews for "Madness Latino"

Oye carnal

Yo apruebo el flash latino.. dado que soy mexicano...y hago mis propias animaciones... pero la neta creo que cometiste bastantes errores en la pelicula...

primero que nada.. errores de Ingles... pusiste "produced FOR ernesto..." que significa "producido PARA ernesto", debiste haber puesto "produced by ernesto".

Luego.. un monito le dice al otro "sorry men"... (lo cual es tipic0 error ...) debiste haber puesto "sorry dude" que es como "perdon wey"...

Luego...bueno.. podria decirtelos todos pero esque esos 2 estaban cabrones...

La sangre estaba chida.. tienes talento, pero te falta practica..

Ah.. otra cosa... POR FAVOR evita poner texto sobrepuesto,.. en la serie original no habia texto.. tal vez solo un signo de interrogacion por ahi, pero no aparecia asi nomas, habia una ANIMACION pequeña en la que aparecia el signo.

Por otro lado creo que hiciste un buen trabajo. Pero te flata mucha practica. Te voy a dar un 5, y buena suerte con el resto.

ErnestoGod responds:

si,si ya lo c es que esa animacion es que la animacion es vieja y no tenia mucha experiencia con el ingles haci porfavor no me restriegen tanto los errores.

Cheap-ass Madness Knockoff

It was stupid, Worse than the first madness, crappy graphics.

I have seen all the madness movies and spin-offs, being a huge fan, But THIS is like a crappy insult to the genre. Worst of all, it wasn't even really violent except for the guy getting his heat ripped off!!!

Violence is the #1 thing in madness, and he failed to even portray that.

This movie sucks badly.

no offence

but its a bad excuse for madness combat 5 but it was'nt bad as some tributes go i really liked the character design but it did copy hank

BEST PART: i really really LOVED the part when that guy put a belt on and shoved a sub-machine gun at the back of him well done!


i dont wanna ly... so the graphics were ok... but they could have been more smoothly...

the style? okay its MADNESS and i love it ^^

sound was okay too

violence was just like madness should be

and no humor or interactivity...

it was really not bad for a beginner... so keep up practising with it!


good job man, dont listen to the bad reviews, bad reviws are lies and exadurations made by nerds to try to make them sound cool cuz they have no friends, dont listen to them, this was awsome good graphics and good animating good sound and good story line, thats y no flashs have 5s , nerds bring them down, tom should fiz that, anyways good job bien bien, yo hablo espanole a little