Reviews for "Madness Latino"


que locura pero esta bueno :)

ErnestoGod responds:

XDDD hehe gracias men! XP

Badass...but needs work

Hey I'm gonna watch the new ones so I'm not going to criticize...after all this was sent in two years ago...haha

and Hank Jr. what the hell are you talking about?! Mexico and Brazil don't have the same language! En Brasil se habla portugues y en Mexico se habla espanol...jaja


ErnestoGod responds:

es cierto.... ta algo loquito creo... nose XD i la verdad que si.... aunque era mi primera o segunda animacion.... no era muy bueno cuando la hice Xd


Its pretty choppy but im guessing this is an early flash man look up some tutorials on youtube. Them people on youtube are pretty good at madness animation man.
Also really fucking badass song bro I listend to it for like 5 minutes

ErnestoGod responds:

i know, this was my second (or fisrt? i don't remember) animation, is a shit.... i know but anyway.... what can i do..... XD

i know what it said cuz....

he lives around brazil or in brazil,im 50% american and 50% mexican.brazil and mexico have the same languages wich is spanish/espanol ves eso es facil no?bueno mas pastel y dulces para me haha! >:P

ErnestoGod responds:

mmmmm la vrdad que no entendi mucho... XDD bueno si entendi pero no le encontre much sentido creo XD

nothing to say exept...

nothing to say exept XD

ErnestoGod responds: