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Reviews for "Headfirst To Hell"


Wow. This thrilling piece of art is so well done, it shocks me that it's a contest entry... The story definitely pulled me and, and I loved the rhythm system, which was flawlessly done, unlike some of the entries made that have some beats slightly off (which makes it hard not to just cheat and watch the visual rather than play by ear) as far as grammar mistakes go, there were only two: it should be shadow, now shaddow, and I believe you said "reddy" instead of ready or something like that in the "outro" (epilogue?) Anyways, excellent work, and don't worry, it certainly wasn't too hard, despite what morons might say, I beat it all the way through on my first try, and I'm using a broken ball mouse on a tiny mousepad :D


Wow this was one of the best games i have ever played i loved the music and the way it flowed. Add a great storyline and you have this game way to go

Wonderful i absolutely loved it :p

I really loved how the graphics are so real and yet fantasy at the same time. I also like how the music is synced very well with the songs and how the game play worked even though it took me a few tries to beat the last level. I think your very good and that you should keep making more flashes. Also i don't think i see any grammar mistakes. Wonderful game it deserves a kooki award :p

totally awsome!

I couldnt beat the last level but that what makes it so damn fun!
its even harder than actually playing guitar.


I knew it was him at the end but i dident think the homeless guy was well i dont wana spoil anyhting awsome game took me like 30 tries to beat the last lv