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Reviews for "Headfirst To Hell"

An original flash game!

Graphics: quaint, it wasn't that good, but it was okay
Style: A new style of rythem game, probably the most innovative I've seen so far.
Sound: It was good, the timing was great with the notes on the fretboard. It fit in place
Violence: The only violence I saw was the dog...
Inveractivity: Not that interactive,
Humor: Funniest bit of the game, when I found out Robert Johnson was a real dude, God rest his soul.
Overall: Not quite there yet, but it was a great game, it didn't keep me bored. It was an original flash game. You guys did a great job!

extremely cool

loved the game absolutely!!
it was quite hard but that's ok, you don't need to beat the game at once:)
i especialy loved the ending although i aleady thought this would hapen.
but still briliant ending!
good music by the way, í'll download it to remember me at the game:)

Great game

Great songs great gameplay beat it on the first attempt tho :P.


great game
very hard but a great game
good graffics
good catchy music
I Loved it


that was pretty dang sweet.... endings tough but you get it eventually