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Reviews for "Crazy Hands"


But also it would be unfair to the people with laptops (with those small touching pads as a mouse) I lost quickly the first time when I saw the guy waving his (unbelievably long) arms around. The idea seems original and I think it's great...but its very frustrating to those who haven't beaten the game..(such as me XD) Good work! keep it up!


good game
when i saw that guy waving his arms i LMAO literally!
im still laughing now

Cool concept

Cool concept, let down by the glitches. It rarely worked for me, i would loose health and I couldnt go through the arrows properly no matter how hard i tried. Again, nice concept, kjust needs some working on.

dietzribi responds:

Hmmm. It worked fine for me on all the PC's I tried it. Are you sure you were playing it right?
Take a look at the help section.


Wow, crazy hands title or not this is not what I was expecting. I laughed so hard when I first saw that "person" waving his arms around. Hilarious. Nonetheless the graphics arent that great, they dont seem very detailed, but one upside is that it dosent really matter because you will spend more time on the game's goal or laughing then really caring about how it looks. Its also a very nice and orginal concept to play too, which is very nice with all these stupid DDR games out there. Overall vey nice work.

i hated it

very low movability and not very fun at all