Reviews for "ritMika"

only 1

reason i didnt like it. if you die you start from the beginning of that gay cutscene.

very unique

i havent seen any one game incorporate all three of those kind of controls, great job and keep up the awesome work.

just one thing

Welcome back! Im really a big fan of u guys, but im totally agree with smithodos:it is a little boring restart when u died, so if possible it would be a good idea if u can insert an automatic "checkpoint" in the middle of the game.


Only thing that I found annoying was that you had to restart when you died, other than that, it was a very good game!

There is no way this game should win the rock out

contest. I mean don't get me wrong the art style in this game is absolutely amazing, and the game play was also good. But nothing seemed to match up with the music at all, it seems as though you just through music in at all to enter the rock out contest. One last thing is if you die you have to start all over again which is annoying.