Reviews for "ritMika"

A bit odd.

To be honest with you, this is really quite the enteresting submission, its original and it really provides a lot of fun. Although its a bit hard to understand at first because of the long intro, but for the most part other then that this isn't bad. I think if you sped up, or shortened the intro then this game would be a lot better, since it is a game, animation should not be the main focus. Okay submission.

great artwork.

very creative, original and fun. but OH SHIT I DIED now i have to go all the way to the begining and lose interest


soz i dont like it

really neat

seemed... easy.. so game wise not very exciting.
for your art, it was really amazing, very smooth, creative, and realistic!

interesting concept

Some of the best graphics ive seen. very realistic. I like your style.