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Reviews for "Primal War 13"


That was definetely a five/five! Amazing, Primal War 13 was visually stunning! Keep up the good work!


Awesome graphics, kickass sound, and a compelling figth scene... what more do you want??!!??!!

This is one of those series

That I never get tired of. I can watch each episode over and over again. Keep them coming


pretty cool monster fight,but instead of them taking turn getting pummeled,maybe you should make them do other moves,and make em evade the moves......it'll be more exciting.

so the sorceress's plan all along was to bring down the white gorilla and the dinosaur king down at the same time with a good excuse......cunning,but even if the dinosaurs resist,she can take them on=)it'd be cool if that happened,less trouble for the animals,and more violence for usxD

if gorilla that tough how touh king?

king lion bash the lizard king into pices