Reviews for "Primal War 13"


this is a great animation. you need to have this series on DVD.


...It been a while since saw Primal war, the last one was 7 and i must say, this has gotten way much better since the last time i sawthis one, w00t! XD


That was an awesome fight. I bow to your amazing series, it gets better every episode, and this one takes the cake. Keep em coming, you've got many a fan waiting for the next episode :).

RickMarin responds:

Thanks , and Im curretly with PW 14 ,and will keep on coming.

Absolutely kick tail!

ive watched the entire series and it just gets better and better! Im waiting for 14! keep up the good work.

awesome fight

i love this series
your great at making this types of flashes
keep this great job going