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Reviews for "Primal War 13"

Good Stuff

I thought that was really entertaining. The fighting was coriographed well, as usual in Primal War. Personally i don't agree with other reviewers with regards to music - I felt it suited well. Basically, I'm not watching the flash for the music - I'm watching it for the bonecrunching violence and epic story line, that Primal War never fails to impress. Keep up the good work :)


The animation was overall good. Of course not perfect, the sound was good. Graphics were exceptional and the story of the series is quite interesting. I liked it.

Female dinosaur character has serious flaw.

I know that your series is supposed to be Ancient (dinosaurs) animals vs. Modern (mammals) animals.

Mammals are called mammals because they have mammary glands (you know, breasts). So, I can not figure out why then it is that your female dinosaur character has mammary glands; which would make her a mammal.

Also, why does your female dinosaur character's head and face look so human-like and why does she appear to be the only female dinosaur? (Why are there no long-faced female dinosaurs? Or maybe there are, but you just can not tell the genders apart?). I guess you were just trying to do the same thing with the female dinosaur as you had done with the female mammal characters; of which all seem to be from the cat family for some reason (Why are there no female bears, wolves, moose, cows, etc.?).

But, then again, now that I think about it, even your mammal female characters have their mammary glands in the wrong location and too few of them, since your going for that humanoid look. So yeah, I guess it really doesn't matter.

Good job.


been wateing for this for a while man great ut a bit liek u know wahts gonna happn but still nice

Really, l cannot believe it is so good!

When l think "oh, there can't be an episode better than this one" l see the next one and l change my mind!