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Reviews for "Primal War 13"

greatest damn movie i have seen in newgrounds ever

greatest damn movie i have seen in newgrounds ever.i gave it an overall of ten:].pls make more.

RickMarin responds:

gee , thanks ,Im glad its your favorite.

this is so cool!

i love this kind of flashes...like when they're moving and the graphics kinda shake and stuff.
One more masterpiece!


I don't know where to start, you obviously have a great idea here, the animation is within professional standards and the artwork is fairly decent. Now I just wish I had your talents, very nice work! Do you have any tips on how others could animate as well as you? I'm assuming you went to school for art/animation? I guess that would be a start for me.


I remember a game on sega genisis called primal fight, it was just about
prehistoric animals fighting to death...
this kinda reminded me of that.

but anyway awsome job!


This flash animation was great! I feel deeply saddened for the person that has died. 10 out of 10. Hope that person rests in peace.