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Reviews for "Primal War 13"


I've seen you do a lot of stupid things in your life, and then, you go ahead and do some like this..... and totally redeem yourself.

Nice job.

RickMarin responds:

Dumb and Dumber, nice


WOW, imean this acually looks like a real animated feature , I cant believe this is a 1 man show. and the sounds has inproved incredibly. The graphics is the best in newgrounds. ( I mean to keep the level of the graphics with frame by frame animation is incredible) best of the series , outstanding job.

Great job as always Rick

Well this is among the best episodes of primal war series i really like it.

The only thing that i don't like is that after you have promised a shocking end, in the end you didn't manage to avoid the cliche of the winning hero cause from what you have write in your site you
led me to believe that the gorila was going to loose this confrontation.
The most annoying thing is that you make the hero almost unstoppable i mean he took so much damage from the dinosaur king and he don;t even get tired but you make the king to kneel and spil blood!!!
Your biggest achievement in this episode for me is that you make me anxious about Naca since she get involved in the battle,i also liked the winged babe among the dinosaurs ;-)

Well that is for now, it is a great episode from a great artist who keeps improving himself.

P.S For once again don't kill Naca!!!(and the winged babe :-) )

RickMarin responds:

well there was suppose to be a spectacular ending but, ran out of space. so I had to move the shocker to 14 sorry, but as for Naca , she dies in 15 ................just kidding


I enjoyed it, this series is really interesting. Kinda reminds me of that old game 'Primal' with the fighting gorillas and dinosaurs. Sweet job! I have trouble following the story sometimes 'cause they don't really talk, except with subtitles. But sweet though ;)


That was definetely a five/five! Amazing, Primal War 13 was visually stunning! Keep up the good work!