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Reviews for "Primal War 13"


this is a great animation. you need to have this series on DVD.

alot better

FINALLY you made the sound better! WOO!!! really awesome each time you keep improving and it shows. keep up the good work

RickMarin responds:

Well I am tring with sound and to read reviews like this one ,I know its worth it


Awesome graphics, kickass sound, and a compelling figth scene... what more do you want??!!??!!

Good show.

I have to say that this is the most clever fight I have seen in a while.

Q: What do you mean by clever?

A: I mean that you used all that you could use, you had the ape throw bulders at the lizard and then the lizard jumps out of the way just before it hits. It was like a compressed episode of DBZ. And the ending confused me but I'm sure that it's leading to some good plot. But I did find how the ape ran from the witch to be a bit cheap. He barely interacts with the ground at all. But other than that you did an outstanding job.

greatest damn movie i have seen in newgrounds ever

greatest damn movie i have seen in newgrounds ever.i gave it an overall of ten:].pls make more.

RickMarin responds:

gee , thanks ,Im glad its your favorite.