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Reviews for "Primal War 13"

beautiful animation

kudos for a superb animation and sound . this needs to be on the front page and even best of july.cant wait till 14

Best one so far

By far my favorite episode of my favorite series on Newgrounds, I've been following the Primal Wars since you did the old Primal Lords animations but none have been this good. The level of detail on the dinos and the white gorilla was exceptional, sound was very good, and as always the action was top-notch.

However, why the cliffhanger??? I wanted to see the resolution sooo bad lol. Oh well, just makes me want to see 14 even more and hopefully the questions about the Lion General will be answered.

Keep up the great work!!

RickMarin responds:

The reason for the cliff hanger is becuase I had no more Meg space. (this movie would've been 12megs) sorry about that ,so I have to take the ending and move it to pt 14, again...sorry

Creative,different and definetly cool

This was a very different video from what ive seen this person has thought different ways than the usual videos. Even though there was little text in the movie the actions and feel of the movie "spoke" what was happening. I look foreward to more

RickMarin responds:

Thank you, I try to be different


this the first primeape war video ive seen ,how you turned frame by frame action into a nonstop fight is amazing but this is a new computer is new so i dont have sound yet.the violence was nice and bloody,i laughed my ass off your the only one to think of a war of monkeys but there was no interactivety but what you lack in that you make up with your style.


You've truly improved since the first few episodes of the series. You had your style down before, but now the character proportions are really sticking.

It was some solid work and your animation didn't feel clumsy at all. I was impressed yet again! Keep it up.


RickMarin responds:

Wow, Thanks man ,well after seeing the last Blockhead ,It motivated me to step up as well so, thanks again.