Reviews for "Primal War 13"

Nice Work

This was really good. I see very little of this stuff on NG. Good use of motion tween and tradtional animation!

Im sure you add this kind of stuff to your portfolio, which is good because it demonstrates your quality and quantity of animation a person like you can deliver.

Good Job
keep them coming!


I don't know where to start, you obviously have a great idea here, the animation is within professional standards and the artwork is fairly decent. Now I just wish I had your talents, very nice work! Do you have any tips on how others could animate as well as you? I'm assuming you went to school for art/animation? I guess that would be a start for me.


wow, I like thist episod pretty damn actiony not as bloody but thats ok I only look for plot and characters that is what makes a move or a cartoon ect.
anyways nice job can't wait to see part 14 :D

Good Stuff

I thought that was really entertaining. The fighting was coriographed well, as usual in Primal War. Personally i don't agree with other reviewers with regards to music - I felt it suited well. Basically, I'm not watching the flash for the music - I'm watching it for the bonecrunching violence and epic story line, that Primal War never fails to impress. Keep up the good work :)

it was ok

There is just one BUT, you are focusing too much on the mammals, it would be nice to know more about the Dinos too, and why are you making they the ultimate bad guy? or atleast i get the feeling, make some heroes on the Dinos side too, make them more sympathic! and dont make me feel like the mammals are much weaker colony than the Dinos, make them appear more equal.... But on the otherhand, i like this series very much, and thats why i am giving you some advices =) Keep on the Good work! and make some voice characters on it too =) ( it would be cool to be a voice actor ^^ )