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Reviews for "Primal War 13"


Very Impressive. It's good to see how far this has come, and how much you have improved over time.

Very good fight scene, good action. Music fits in real well with the action, and sound effects are perfect. Now, the only problem that I have is, (and it's a minor problem,) that you use animations from past PW movies. Not that it makes the movie bad, it just doesn't fit in with the rest of the movie.

Anyway, good job, and I hope to see a lot more. 5 for you!

nicley done

superb fight scencs cant wait for the next one


getting better and better! this time i watched it ato the end. nicely done!

Nicely done

It was worth the wait, and the action was very good. Good animated and you tok your time :) not many authors does that, and doing that is a VERY good thing. IF you are making Ep. 13. I hope it is the final one couse the wait is killing me!


i thought this was the last episode but looks like theres gonna be more :D i found this series not long before i became an NG member and tbh i didnt think i'd like it at first but i was proven wrong to my satisfaction because i have become quite the fan of this series and i cant wait to see more. even if it went from guns and explosives to swords and bows, i dont give a damn. in fact i like the medieval feel more anyway :D

i cant wait to see that gorilla kick some more ass! keep it up man :D