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Reviews for "3D scooter"


that was pretty cool..i wish i could do rotations like that....can you show me how? is there a special way or do you just need to change the picture every frame?

Needs new controls

Needs keyboard controls instead of a mouse interface. cant get the timing right with a mouse and it just doesnt feel right.
Add keyboard and some levels and it'll be pretty good.


ehhh nothing to get excited about. Make it longer and it'll kick some ass.

AWESOME!!!! amazing

that was CRAZY!!!
how do you do that. i don't know how to keep the background running and still be able to do different shit. I got some KICKASS Skateboard and snowboard animation though so check them out. "Cartoon Skate Commander" is my newest one. Check it out and give me a review.

Hey! I liked that!

That was cool... You should make one like that rooftop skateboard game =)