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Reviews for "3D scooter"

Good but it needs more...

It's a good movie but you need to increase alot like have a points-counter or whatever. And more tricks should do the tricks... and the grind shit is hardly working

not cool

nothing to say to thit auther but 1 thing. this realy sux

what the hell, why bother..

you must be a respected person to make a scooter game, kinda funny however the sound effects for the grinding, just retarted. Can he die possibly any lamer? why doesn't he get the handle in the ass, the old credit card, but the tricks look good, maybe you should do some skateboarding or rollerblading, if your man enough to take that on for size, nice job
-peace out-

It was okay.....

but everytime I see someone on a scooter I want to knock him of it.

Stick Hawk Pro Scooter

Great game good job you rule