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Reviews for "3D scooter"

Fun for a few minutes.

Well, it held my interest longer than "3-D Pong 4 U". But seeing as I have no interest in skating whatsoever, and haven't the slightest idea what a "benihana" is, I just wasn't that into it. The simplistic graphics could have been done a little better, and some variety would have been nice too. Perhaps a score counter or point system of some sort would have made gameplay less meaningless. Overall it was nothing special, it looks okay but needs some work.

Good Concept.....

...but you just didn't give enough effort! While playing this, i kept thinking what a shame it was that it didn't have more. Let me break it down for ya:
1. tricks and jumps should be controlled by key press, not buttons.
2. add a score counter
3. add ramps, and obstacles...things to make it more interesting
4. tighten up the skater graphics
5. add more options

the list could go on, but you have a GOOD IDEA!! Make it better, and resubmit it man.

Needs more options.

Also, you should have explained how that you had to jump in order to grind or do an air trick.


odd man... odd


haha that was funny but it needs more options. I didnt know how to work the grind thing either.