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Reviews for "-=Chaoz Escape=-"


If this would only be randomly generated, this'd become my new time-killer!

lonechicken responds:

Gracias, Amigo.


Finnaly a chaos based game! since it has chaos in it i decided to go on hard and and finish it no matter what (it took me 4hours)

very nice

i loved it
didn't beat it but i loved it

But i like it

Meh, Kinda easy


AHAH YO! my friken god this game is the shit! the red stuff can reall kick your ass. This reminds me of Donkey kong 3 when the Snow man Boss is like, throwing snow balls at you and you haveto dodge them all and stuff and i freaking loved it! This is a blast from the past for me forsure man :) This games great :) even with a bad graphics card, its still really cool cuz the backround and all that is pretty mint and the song is suspencfull! :P I really like this. thanks for being a part of my life! :D