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Reviews for "-=Chaoz Escape=-"


Awesome avoid game, perfectly synced. However, some parts are a little too easy if you know how to beat them, like how you can hide in the middle for the part where there's 2 rotating cannons. Other than that, I love it. Keep up the good work.

Awesome game!

The music is awesome, great quality, and pretty hard too, the synchronization is perfect, you should even teach other guys how to do that, many of the rhythm games are just out of rhythm!! Anyway.... Congratulations!! Great Work!!

No were near as hard as u guys say it is

Beat it 2nd try with 9 lives left... then again win 13 lives left... good game tho just not too hard

Oh, my. good. LORD.

This game is H4RD. But you feel happy after doing it. 10/10 to me.


first time in my life i have beaten this game on easy mode and i was like on my last life. this is really hard WOOT! great reflex game