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Reviews for "-=Chaoz Escape=-"


WOw that ws prob the 2nd greatest rhythm gme EVER i made it out w/ 1 life very good job


pretty tough just as you start.....

Awsome game!

i have to give you 9 stars! but if you want 10 you have to fix one small problem: for most of the game you can hide in the top right corner of the window and not take a single hit, now i like games to be hard when its comes to stuff like this so i can say i did it and people be amazed, but thast just me, if you could fix that youd have one hell of a game here!

Nice Game

This game is great but it needs long to load and you need a fast internet becose the game block some times.My speed of internet is 100 mbps in sec. so i dont now is this is normal for this game but i repeat again game is great


I enjoyed every second of it. I especially enjoyed the music. If possible could you post the song name and artist so i can download it for personal listening. Regardless i saw nothing wrong with this game, the animations matched up to the music perfectly. The only flaw i noticed was the center piece of the top gear did not remain in the center and the centerpiece for the bottom right gear disappeared. Outside of that this game was PERFECT! ALMOST as good as Chuck Norris has to go though. lol