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Reviews for "Strumzor"

Amazing game

Its very hard and fun to play... Almost too hard. <_<

Keep it up!

i love it

but it is insanely hard!!!
im a guitarist myself, but this shit made me feel like a noob!!! O_O
on big flaw was the strumming
very very very good idea, but flawed
heres a hint, instead of having the string be strumed whenever the mouse passes over it, have it so that when u hold the laft mouse button down, it strums when u move over the strings.
kuz whenever id move up to hit the top string, it would strum the other two
u shud be able to choose to move across the strings without strumming them
that way ud have more precision and control
and add a difficulty setting, k?
so u can start off slow,
instead of strummin around like a fukin maniak getin only 8% on the first fukin song!!

but yeah, other than that, REALLY GOOD JOB =]

...To the guy that said you suck at flash

It's not like you could do any better just because you cant play it good doesnt mean he sucks at flash....it means you suck at this flash


Too hard? I thought this was too easy.. you need to practice bud...


Very good game in there points of view it's to hard so it deserves a zero they took everything else out of account (most of them) i will agree it's very hard but i cought on after a while and it does not deserve a 0 just because you can't beat it very good game.