Reviews for "Arnie's Day VGDC contest"

Oh man that's uh... pretty twisted! Love the way the voice acts are mixed in from different sources though, combined with sprites, some catchy music... completely random entertainment. I was wondering what the last one had to do with anything but eh... oh, there she is! Poppin outta the coffin. :P Keep up the great work!


That was hilirious

I love the school part where he thought that toadette's big boobs were balloons, and actually touched them. I know someone that would do that, but not think that they were balloons. Anyway, I like the Castle thing where someone was wondering where Arnie was. I love that part as well, but not as much as the school one. I don't know why but I'm starting to love Arnie a lot when I see these flashes. You have done an awesome job, keep up the awesome work.

It's really good.

Moring is the best.school is cool.afternoon is boring, instead i like it.The castle is to scary.

cool one

that was a pretty nice sprite animation, and cool for a VGDC-style animation. this one here was a little bit short overall, but all of the scenes in this one were quite interesting and they were fun to watch.

That was hilarious..

The first scene was freaking hilarious! Great job on this entry, i hope you win! :D