Reviews for "Inner Demons {Chair Oh Key}"

Creepy as Hell

Love it is about all i can say to this song. It flows vary nicely and dues not stay stadic and keep the same tempo or tones though out. I love the creepy laugher and i like how it makes you feel like your walking though a creepy tunnle or carnivel and you hear laughter all around. It makes me think of a few video games i played where this music was what was in my mind at the time. I could give this no less then a (10/10) and (5/5) vary good job.

SquattingDog88101 responds:

Thats kind of the feel I was aiming for. Thanks for the review! I have other creepy ones too.


This is the exact definition of my soul!


I can usually stand songs of any undertone, but for some reason, rape songs always get to me. Songs about anything else are usually fine. Good song, btw.


lol my demons r comeing >:) i will meat u all in hell

Creepy as Hell in a circus

What I do love about your music is how it triggers my imagination to go wild. Good work!