Reviews for "Fjernsyn"


So cool and your slad fingers spoof was awesome. lol

Absolute 100 Proof Genius

My Mother Even Laughed, and Only when I TOLD Her About the Artist Part. She Was Cracking Up. My Own Mother. Anyway, ... awesome. Every Part In-Between And Altogether, ...Awesome. I Love your Style, ... Flowing Yet Not Too real and Obviously not Too Stick. Love the Voice-overs on the Artist Competition Scenes... Beautiful and Perfect and Too Believable. They Might Do That One Day, thanks A whole Lot!
To The Viewer: Watch It. If You Don't Like It, Your Voice Ought Not Be Bothered With, In My Humble Opinion.


I'm glad that the monster didn't pop up at the end =(

Quite Random

Loved the randomness. and the wet paint...


Great work!

I can still find time to watch this and really get a kick out of it, I love the work you put into this, it really is amazing. :D