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Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

Borin, tedious and definetely not funy???

Anything but! A lil slow at first but all in all a very good flash. Reminds me of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. U should make more.....please make more lol

Boring, tedious, and definetely not funny

But judging from your own description, I'm guessing you already knew that. You have talent, I can tell from the animation. But I find it sad that you waste that talent on absolute crap like this.


Hilairious! espicially chap. 2!

Ouch, man. Ouch.

This was SO bad, SO unfunny, I couldn't finish it. It actually gave me a stomache ache.

Or maybe that was the chicken.

I just read now it was ten minutes long. I think i cut out around the 2 minutes mark. I'm very greatful in retrospect.

oh no

that jap shit was so fucked i had to turn it off
sorry but thats the way i feel
give a 2/10 for the drawings