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Reviews for "Ongaku"

Really unique

I cant compare this game to another
Unique style, period !

I must give a 9...
because the lines where not well well done...
But if 9.9 would exist, I would put it out !


theis game rules!

just want to rated this a ten.

Very orginal

Very good game, I loved the originality and the artistic value. Most people now will come to a rhythm game expecting it to be either a DDR or Guitar Hero knock-off, and most artists will give them that, so I'm glad to see a game like this. Very good concept, executed almost perfectly. I love the abstract pictures, and I also like being able to put on own pics on there. I wish it didn't need a URL, but I can easily overlook that, since you did something most games wouldn't. My only complaint is that the gameplay was a little boring, but I love this game, so keep up the good work.

creative as hell

This is great. I loved the intro-the concept is very creative. Plus for the saving system and the tutorial. Really good job.


I liked the creativity of it. The whole story and how it explains why you missed a note because Discord's monsters attacked you! =D Great game but I got bored after about 10 minutes.